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tv   ABC9 News at 530pm  ABC  February 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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an icy mix in a few minutes but first here's jess with your local news. " " jess: good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm jelue. it was another big weekend in politics-- for three candidates in particular. jess donald trump and hillarclinton secure wins in south carolina and nevada respectively-- while it's the end jeb bush. gallagher has in the south primary. trump)"nothing easy president.. it's mean, it's vicious... it's beautiful when you win, it's beautiful." acknowledging it's trump saw the huge carolina saturday night. victory in the south for the republican win so commanding,
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delegate in the palmetto state. while on the democratic side... luck was a lady. hillary clinton thanking nevada for her much needed victory. (hillary clinton) "some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other.... butt to we are all in this together, we all have to do our part." opponent bernie sanders may have conceded nevada, and possibly next week's primary in south carolina, but don't count him out. (bernie sanders) "it is clear to me, and i think mo observers, that the wind is on -- at our backs. we have the momentum." early momentum never sticking for jeb bush -- who in an emotional good-bye, suspended his campaign after he failed to pick up enough support in n iowa, new hampire & south carolina. the fierce fight continuing for trump, who with back-to-back wins staves off marco rubio and ted cruz for the time being...but it's a long way 'til the nominations are
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(donald trump) "let's go, let's have a big win in nevada, let's have a big win in the sec, let's put this thing away..." next up-- the democrats and the republicans essentially switch places although the results may stay the same-- because polling indicates dodold trump is ahahd in nevada and hillary clinton ahead insouth carolili. jessssn cam) meanwhil- ted cruz and marco rubio expressed their feelings about jeb bush and his campaign suspension. senator cruz said bush never gave into the negative aspects of the race. (s. ted cruz) "a man who ran a campaign based on ideas, based on policy, based on substance...a man who didn't go to the gutter and engage in insults and attacks. (pause for applause) governor bush brought honor and dignity to this race." governor bush brought honor and
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marco rubio echoed cruz's comments-- and commending bush on his service. (sen. marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate) "i have an incredible affection and admiration not just for governor bush but for his family and for his service to our country. (applause) jeb bush has many things to be proud of." marco rubio was in tenessee earlier today-- speaking to the biggest crowd yet in his campaign. jess the boys and girls club of greater flint teamed up with comcast...and accepted empty water bottles, while providing information about recycling. it all took place at a local boys and girls club. plenty of kids also helped out to donate water. about 100 volunteers were out doing a-- "one stop shop" for flint residents. peopleleould drive throroh-- get a recycling bag with somom recycling information and how they can dispose of all the water bottles that they are getting. they also could sign up for curb side recycling from the state. jess also in michigan...breakin g development
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michigan shooting spree that occured yesterday. mobile ride service... uber ..confirmed the michigan shooting spree suspect-- jason brian dalton-- worked for the company. uber released a statement saying the 45-year-old had passed a background check. but the company did not address reports saying-- dalton picked up fares in between shooting incidents. kalamazoo public safety said they are investigating those reports. at least eight people were shot-- saturday night-- in three locations in kalamazoo. six of the victims were killed. jess now to some local news... a sioux city woman is now in custody for allegedly stabbing a man and a woman with a knife wednesday night. the sioux city police department said officers arrested alicia slatton on two felony counts of willful injury in connection with an incident that happened on the 22-hundred block of lafayette s s alththgh police inititlly said they were lookiki for two femalele suspects, officers now do not anticipate any additional arrests in the case. sioux city police identified the victims as 39- year-old dennis hagemann and 26- year-old katrina hess, both of
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jess a photo exhibit took center stage at the betty strong encounter center in sioux city today. fisheries biologist sam stukel presented his 2-year- long photograghy journey of caputing the missouri river in all it's natural glory y throughout thefour seasons. the exhibit called.. "a year on the missouri"..attract ed many anxious eyes to see stukels creation. the photographer displayed his most captiving works for each season yet throughout all his time photographing the river, he said he was biased about which season he prefered the most. "i am a big fan of winter. i like the less people more elbow room. if the goal is showing people the river in a new way, maybe something that haven't seen before, winter is the best time to do that becasue typically we look at the river through the windshieldldr window of our carsfrom a distance durring that time of year and there are a lot of really unique features that come out durtring the
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stukel said he spentseveral years studying the watershed of the last missouri river resevoir ...and in these studies, he found his passion for photographing landscapes. stukel has been on t t river more than 100 d ds each year fororhe past decade. jess it was another day of above average temperatures-- and that means more people are heading out on their bicycles. that served as the backdrop for bike world's yearly warehouse sale. after a winter of inactivity for many riders, many stopped by to get new bikes or accessories. this is the only time during the year, where they're able to do that at the warehouse. the owner says the timing could not be better for the customers or the shop. (forrest ridgeway, bike world owner) "we'd like to thank the newscasters and the weathehecasters for dodog a good job wiwi the weather thth week. our joke is that we're a solar powered industry, and when the sun comes out, we turn on. " the bike world sale continues through next sunday. the owner tells us the difference in sales from a busy month to a slow month is
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stillto come... after 18 years of playing the lotto-- two sisters in california hit it big-- but they are celebrating in a surprising way-- we'll you tell more when we come back. elisa foggy tonight, rain/snow coming for usus monday night.. the cool sunshine the 7-day. details next.
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california. they've beenen plpling scratch- ofoflottery for years, without winning much. but this month, they hit a big jackpot it's a one in 3 million chance and these san ramon twins beat the odds. lisa toton and laura poorman have been buying tickets together since they were 18. the two of them are now millionaires after winning the 6- million dollar jackpot-- saturday. the sisters claimed their prize at hayward's california lottery east bay district
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their new found millionaire status will change the two. (laura poorman, $6 mil. jackpot winner) "you think like angels are going to be singing and all this cool stuff is going to happen and we went to fuddruckers." butt to (lisa toton,6 mil. jackpot winner) "we bought about 20 pairs of socks it's been our splurge so far. " the sisters will split the money sixty-to-fourty. poorman will get the bigger share because she's the one who bought the ticket. jess/elisa gloomy skies today!
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2 line cg: elisa raffa m flood warning in effect near spencer for the ocheyedan and little sioux rivers through tuesday. the ocheyedan river is at 9 feet with the flood stage at 8 feet, minor flooding occuring and moderate expected. little sioux river is over the flood stage as well at 10.3 feet. expected to crest on tuesday with minor flooding expected. things to keep in mind... don't go near flooded fields, turn around, don't drown.. your car can easily be swept away. cloudy in storm lake and on the port neal welding company sky cam hd. got to 45 today, that's 8 above normal. still looking at temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. a few notches cooler than yesterday. temperatures will stay steadadnear 40 for monday and tuesday as well.
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which isn't helping the fog situation. air is very saturated with relative humity well over 70, near or at 100 in nw iowa. tonight, stubbgbn clouds and patchy fog, getting down to 28. our overnight snow has really dissipated and pushed east with clouds left behind. clouds on stormcast hd with fofodeveloping overnight and tomorrrr morning. tomorrowlike today... clouds and temps hovering 40. tomorrow night we bring in some rain after midnight. as temperatures cool we could see icing and snow mix in. slippery roads for your tuesday morning commute with sleet and snow possible. decreasing clouds tuesday, finally more sunshine wednesday. tonight,t,8 with stubborn clouds and patchy fog. tomorrow, morning fog and still cloudy.
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has breezy winds tuesday and thursday.. with temperatures hovering 40.. colder temperatures are possible for the weekend. jess/elisa drive carefully in thfog tonight, thanks elisa! still to come after the break... as people in the community say 'hello' to warmer weather-- a few say 'goodbye' to a beloved winter tradition-- more details to come. jess it has certainly bebe a beautiful, rm weekend in central iowa. that means-- it's
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still to come aftetethe break... as people in the community say 'hello' to warmer weather-- a few say 'goodbye' to a beloved winter tradition-- more details to come.
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central iowa. that means-- it's the unofficial end of the season for
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temperatures an there's less stable ice to work with. jacob peklo from our local 5 affiliate-- explains why it's probably best to avoid it for the rest of the season. "(natural sound of matt bruner speaking:) "it's probably 10, 12 feet along the shoreline." matt bruner has been a conservation officer with the iowa department of natural resources for a decade now. (natural sound of matt:) "the water's clearly melted here along the shoreline." one of his responsibilities during the winter months is to monitor the waters, to help people determine whether it's safe to go ice fishing. matt bruner, iowa dnr conservation officer:r:the first clueuehould be the melting ararnd the shorelines. if you're havi trouble accessing the ice, you should probably stay off it." bruner says the ice is still thick, but not nearly as strong as it was earlier this winter. (natural sound of matt:) "it's not strong ice, and of course it can't be trusted for holding up the weight of us or anything else." and the ice isn't even thin near the boat ramp, it's disappearing. (natural sound of water splashing) now, the lake is thawing, and the water is starting to flow like it did just a few months ago. most are heeding bruner's advice to stay away, but one ice shack in the middlelef big creek lake didn't get that memo in time. matt bruner, iowa dnr conservation officer: "with the weight of that ice
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there and then the heat that it retained, it melted its way through the ice, with strong ice surrounding it." although there aren't many ice anglers to be found, grand view sophomore zach martin took advantage of this mild weekend, with a trip to the shoreline. zach martin, grand view sophomore: "pretty much wanted dorm room for a reel rotating) the opportunity to head outside was too good to pass up. zach martin grand ew sophomore: "the temperatures are usually more moderate. there's not as much ice on of all year round there." the only one who on fishing, he's the only one dedicated to spend an afternoon the lake. zach martin, grand view sophomore: "there was somebody, but they weren't as strong hearted. " jess so keeping that ice shack on the water is the equivalent of littering in terms of a fine from the d-n-r, but the disposal fee could bring the costs up much also-- if you're get some ice fishing in before the year is done, bruner suggests going north to places like clear lake or okoboji. coming up in hosted missouri in
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alex has the action from lincoln when we come back. plus..the south dakota men are fighting for a spot in the summit league tournament with three games to play. stay tunedor highlights from
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alex the south dakota men have a losing record, but they're above .500 at t t dakotadome. on their home court, the coyotes are 6-, they hosted denver in their home final both teams fighting for a spot in the summit league tournament...the top eight make the cut... opening half.....trey norris spots up and hits the jumper.....he finished with ten points for the coyotes... and what's a u-s-d highlight without a tyler flack slam! the junior nearly had a double-double.e.10 points. 9 boards...
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yotes with 14.......this triple starts a south dakota rally. but it wasn't enough... usd falls 76- 71....they will more than likely have to win one of eifinal two gameto make the tournament field. alex in saturday's home finale, the south dakota ladies beat sdsu...completing the season sweep. that win was their final game at the dakotadome....unle ss the 'yotes host a postseason tournament. and man did they go out the right way.....with their 13th straight win. senini nicole seekamamnotched her ninth career double- double....the final home chapter in her storied career in vermillion. with the win, the coyotes are in sole possession of first place in the summit league with two games to play. amy williams also became the second- winningest coach in school history with her 86th victory. what a program. "just really proud relied really heaviliy on the experience that we had on our roer today to pull find a way to close out the e me with a win just proud of e way we found a way to close it out." and that's exactly
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going to learn what our mistakes were in thatame and then we will focus on the next one as just another game." south dakota wraps up the regular season this week with road trips to fort wayne and i-u-p-u-i. to the big ten.....iowa beats indiana at home for the 28th straight time....76- 73 the final. ally disterhoft lelethe way with 19 pointand eight rebounds for the hawks. down in lincoln...nebraska hosting purdue... bad news for the huskers..starting guard kyndal clark out for the season with a knee injury and rachel theriot listed as day to day with a nagging foot injury so the huskers started a patchwork lineup and its natalie romeo with a 3...she had 15.. == allie havers with a good day she takes the feed from jess shepard havers had 12 points == and anya kalenta had a good day too she had 13 points on the day == but jess shepard struggled... only 2 points today.. 5 boards the huskers fall 68-50 alex staying in town,
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set for their final tune-up before the big ten tournament. earlier today, the huskers hosted missouri as part of the n-w-c-a national duals. lets head to the devaney center for this renewal of their big 12 rivalry. starting at 125 missouri's barlow mcgee with a late takedown in the 3rd to beat beaska's tim lambert 5-3 mizzou up 3-0 == 133 eric montoya in a battle with missouri's zach synon montoya pulls out the 4-0 win all tied at 3 == 149... barn burner jake sueflohn takes lavion mayes to double overtime... and he gets an escape and a takedown to get@the win 4-1 but missouri would go on to win it19-14 the huskers are out of the national duals. the nascar seasas under way down in florida....the daytona 500 kicking things off and what a race it was....matt kensen led 40 laps down the stretch but here comes denny hamlin. he comes from fourth to first and beats out martin truex junior in a heartstopper. closet daytona
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his first 500 by eleven one thousandths of a second. elisa raffa
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fog and still clouou. rain to snow coming in overnight. 7-day has breezy winds tuesday and thursday.. with temperatures hovering 40.. colder temperatures are possible for the
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